Welcome to MERA Innovation

A Place where there is no Limits to your creativity. Nothing Impossible until you are in right place. Our aim is to bring your Dreams to reality with our support.


Everyone can innovate, studies says a child’s mind is more innovative starting from 11 years of age.


Looking into the interest we have divided our courses and kits  into 3 groups, i.e For school kids, College students and innovators.


Enjoy Learning….    Keep innovating….     Keep Growing…..!!!


Now through D.M.I.T test everyone can know their area of Interest and can excel. It includes a 36 Pages report.Contact us for more info

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Popular Courses

CAD Design

We Provide basic CAD designing including Part design, Sheet metal, Assembly and Drafting.

App Development
Basic / Advance

Application development is in trends now a days in the session students will design a bluetooth app for IOT Appliances

IOT Projects

In this session students will learn to operate electronic appliances through Internet

Python Programming

Python is considered and most user friendly Programming languages and used in Machine learning.

Embedded Designing

Embedded is the soul of every electronic devices and in this session students will work on simple designing and hands-on.

Automobile Hands-on

In Automobile hands-on sessions students in group will dismantle an engine and know the whole transmission process


Why Are We Different from others


Our Vision is to make India self sufficient with Entrepreneurial thought process,which could only be possible with Skill development and so MERA innovation is working from the root to nurture an upcoming tree i.e our Youth.

Excellent Faculty

We have a team of technocrats who have left their high paying jobs to join us in our Campaign of turning one’s aspiration to their Acquisition .

Perfect Programs & Certifications

Looking in the upcoming trends we design and repeatedly modify our curriculum for our students. We are not just a Edu-tech company, our corporate Domain has a good experience over the corporate needs and Mera Innovation always tries to become an easy go bridge providing

Meet our respected faculties

Sandesh R Sriyan
Chief Trainer (Electronics)

B.tech in Electronic and communication with 3 years corporate expertise.

Asutosh Pati
Mechanical Design Head

B.tech in Mechanical and Post graduate in Aerospace Manufacturing with 1 year experience.

Prabhas Raj
Training Supervisor

B.tech in Mechanical with 2 years of work experience as STEAM Trainer.